Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Challenges Within Challenges....

January 10th

The children went back to school today after the Christmas and I am trying to get everything into a routine again. We got back from Florida wish trip on December 13th  (I am going to tell you loads more about that on here so do watch this space!). After a few days of jet lag I came down with that bronchitis thing that it seems the people across the UK are dropping like flies with and then it was Christmas so it has been a very long time since we have been in anything resembling a routine in our little household. Oh I do like to make things tough for myself! I already have to juggle all William's care needs with getting him to school on time,  looking after him and his sister, getting my work as a writer and a designer-maker-seamstress, making sure our crazy and lively little working springer pup gets enough exercise (he is already in training to become my right hand running buddy)  and now... running an average of a half marathon every day... and that's not even my long run anymore! At least once a week I will have to run far further than my daily average of 13 miles. 

I like to run as soon as the children have got out of the door to school.  Wills has Aspergers on top of a complicated and life threatening medical condition (he has undergone two multi organ transplants, again I will talk a lot more about all of this in the coming weeks and months...). Aspergers and the stresses of making sure you have everything you need for school and have done all your treatments makes for a very stressful morning I can promise you! All three of us are tearing our hair out at each other by the time the two leave so I am ready to get the heck out of the house,  run the stress away and clear my head before I start work. I have started to split my running with a longish run in the morning and a quick three mile top up just before tea. I may also run a mile with Wilfred, the springer... it all adds up! I've gone a bit mad with the miles this week, ramping them a fair bit on last week, in part to prove to myself that I can do this and in part because we are due for a short admission to hospital next week which will dent my mileage a bit so I have planned to make it one of my four-weekly step down weeks.

I want to make this year exciting and challenging so I have planned out some big 'challenges within the challenge.' I am already running Hampton Court Half Marathon next month and the London Marathon in April. In March I am running the Southend Marathon as a guide runner for a blind athlete. This girl likes her races and it is highly likely I will do more with her through the year, as long as we work out together in Southend. I have only done a 5K with her before.  I have now decided to run an 100K challenge (London to Brighton), a 100 mile in 32 hours challenge and a 10 marathons in 10 days challenge. I feel this year should include big challenges like this and, as long as I stay uninjured, I will be in prefect shape to attempt such big things with all the miles I will be running.

I have planned events for most months (I still haven't decided wha two do in June and August - anyone got any suggestions?)

SO, I plan to do...

February: Hampton Court Half Marathon
March: Southend Marathon (as a guide runner)
April: London Marathon
May: London to Brighton 100K
June: tbc
July: Samphire 100 mile race (yikes but not for Mum...this is a laps race so I will always be within a mile or so close support and can stop any time.)
August: tbc
September: The City to Sea ultra marathon with the amazing THHN
October: Beachyhead Marathon (hopefully running canicross with Wilfred)
November: Saxonshore 10 marathons in 10 days
December:  3 of the 10 marathons above and the Saxonshore Usual Suspects race (so I can have my name on a huge medal with a load of other ultra runners to commemorate my year becoming an ultra runner myself)
and finishing the challenge at Caudwell Children's own Elf Run 


As well as a lot of miles, this is going to cost a fortune in race entries, travel, accommodation and the 15 or so pairs of running shoes I am going to get through... I am looking for awesome business to sponsor kit and race entry in return for logos on my kit, mentions here and in all the media, mentions in the book I am writing about my journey and, above all, my heartfelt thanks for ever... Please do get in touch if you can help or know anyone who can... I will write more about that later today. Now, it's time to get running...

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