Friday, 20 January 2017

No getting out of this now....

Not that I am wanting to... OK, maybe for a couple of seconds when running up a steep hill I had forgotten about or the first five minutes running in minus temperature days I may have fleetingly thought this was a crazy idea but these moments never last long. I don't want to get out of this but, if I did, there is no getting out of this now as it has been beautifully written about,  published and shared here by the amazing Caudwell Children and, today, our local paper. 

Photo courtesy of Croydon Advertiser

This does make me feel the pressure and any slight hint of an illness or injury is scary. But this challenge is all about raising awareness of what life is like for families like ours, how running can help and, most importantly, the amazing things Caudwell Children do and raising lots of money to help them to keep on doing it.

I am 170 miles in now. Still learning all the time, literally daily, several times a day... I will be sharing my little new found nuggets of information and experience about distance running here better from now on I promise. I want to blog daily but this week has been a bit exhausting and unfocused. This challenge is big enough as it is but even more so when you have a week without a stretch of sleep longer than three hours. Although the write ups suggest Wills is now well and out of the woods this isn't totally the case. He is well, I hate to jinx things but he is as well as he has ever been. We seem to have won the battle against GVhD (again, I don't want to jinx things) but there are all sorts of factors that make his future uncertain and we treasure every moment of these healthy days. He still needs a lot of care and attention, day and night. This last week has been demanding as his stoma bag and his overnight feed have leaked randomly most nights, resulting in full change of clothing and bed in the middle of the night and little more than 2-3 hours unbroken sleep for both of us. This isn't the best preparation for at least 10+ miles of running. I also find that any soreness or niggles recover during a good sleep but a restless one can result in extra ones joining the party. If I have a serious, injury threatening niggle I will, of course, stop but these little protests need running through to avoid getting behind and to enable rest days when they are really needed. So it's been a tough week but enjoyable at the same time. Yesterday, I hated my run, then loved it, then hated it, then wanted to stop right now, then wanted to add another loop....A combination of the most unbroken night of all and a new route which I thought would be pretty (well as pretty as Croydon gets) but I hadn't realised involved running up several major hills in succession. I had wanted a light little jog.

Lots more to share so do come back later, I may even make up for the lack of blog activity in the last week by posting another one later... Now, it's time to run again.

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